Color Controversy


Green and brown and black and white

the same hues that make you and I

You look at me and say “You can’t be Green”

just because I’m brown

Such a shame that you can’t see it’s in your skin

the luscious brown from which green springs

You tell me “It’s a White thing”

and that “green and brown don’t mix”

I tell you it’s the color of our ancestor’s fingertips

It’s from this brown from which green grows

It’s in the green that extends from my limbs as leaves to make ammends with

White and Green and Green and Brown


The color you see as my cinnamon face passes you by

White because of the green that shades my eyes

as the hues of green and brown

the same tones that enclose gold

The gold of our brown ancestors

ground to dust and you must

you must understand that this green lives

it lives in your veins

but its the rust in your gaze

it has you in a daze of white as green 

brown as brown


The color of that cactus in my mouth

the flavor of our roots and past million lives

when green was gold and brown and green collide

So don’t tell me green is white

Green is you and me in every shade you see

in every step you take and every place you root yourself to

because green and brown have been making wonders

So take your shade of rust and dust and simply adjust your gaze to

Green and brown and black and white

the same colors of you and I 

— 2 years ago

Reality hurts

— 2 years ago
Tearing us Apart

That thing you do

it breaks us apart

it drills itself so deep

and wounds what I’m trying to heal

That thing you do

it tears us apart

it pumps venom through the veins

and oozes hazard on their hands

That thing you do

it breaks us apart

it leaks a fume of toxicity

and blinds you so you cannot see

That thing you do

it tears us apart

it burns our bridges

and with the bridge you must fall

That thing you do

It keeps me at bay

It hurt what we had

and that which can never be

That thing you do

has torn me apart

it corrupts our heart

and poisons your mind

— 2 years ago
Ponyfónica Live! Zealous Mates

Gracias por escuchar esta noche. Como les dije aquí les dejo el playlist con todo y los links para escuchar y descubrir artistas nuevos. 

Thank you for listening tonight. As I said here is the playlist with everything including the links to listen and discover some new artists.

Zealous Mates:

1. Ragged Mile- John Butler Trio

2. Zimbabwe - New Navy

3. Take Me Over - Cut Copy

4. Settle Down - Kimbra

5. Foreign Language - Flight Facilities

6. Living in My House - Junica (Ft. Pip Brown)

7. I Look to You - Miami Horror (Ft. Kimbra)

8. Sleepless - Flume (Ft. Anthony for Cleopatra)

9. Embrace - PNAU (Ft. Ladyhawke)

10. We’ll Be Watching Over You - Gotye

11. The Camel - Fat Freddy’s Drop (Ft. Alice Russell)


Ponyfónica Live! Zealous Mates


If you like this music go to www.ponyfonica.com to check out more awesome beats!!! a weekly live webcast and weekly video posts! BILINGUAL!!!

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Inevitable truth

Inevitable truth

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Need this badly… having a terrible case of boredom aka being boring

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"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"
Salvador Dalí
— 3 years ago